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Customers are responsible for setting up tables, chairs, plates, and utensils for the party.

Tents are recommended for harsh weather for all guests and chefs.

All guests will receive fried rice,

fresh salad, and mixed vegetables.

​*Cooking time limit 90 minutes

About Us

"Delicious food and great entertainment"

Our chefs will bring the grill and the food. You and your guests can just sit back and enjoy!

We welcome all occasions and any size parties!

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$50 per adult

$25 per child under 13

$500 minimum per party

*Price may vary depending on location


Each guest select 2 proteins:






Filet mignon +$10

Lobster tail +$10


$50 per adult

$25 per child under 13

$500 minimum per party

*Price may vary depending on location

Terms & Conditions

No deposit needed at the moment, but if customer cancels the appointment less than 72 hours (3days) prior to the event, we will send you a bill with $200.00 cancelation fee .

If it rains, customer is required to provide some type of covering for the chef to cook under so they can stay dry. We can cook under tents, and patios. Customer is responsible for canceling for inclement weather.

Event ABSOLUTELY cannot be delayed or extended as the chef need to be at next event location.

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: SEP CATERING LLC, or any agent, employee, director, or representative of SEP CATERING LLC, will NOT be liable to any Licensee (Host) or Licensee’s guests for property damage caused as a result of any party held on the Licensee’s (Hosts) premises. For the purpose of this paragraph “property damage” is defined as: injury to any real or personal property on the premises of where the MISIMI

HIBACHI CATERING event is taking place. Furthermore, Licensee (Host), individually and for Licensee’s guests, waives any claim against SEP CATERING LLC. for any loss of, or damage or destruction to, property of Licensee (Host) or Licensee’s guests, arising from any cause. This waiver is intended to be a complete release of any responsibility for property loss or damage or destruction to the property sustained by the Licensee or Licensee’s guests before, during, or after the SEP CATERING LLC. event has taken place.

I have read and agree to the terms above *

Travel Fee Policy

Traveling fee (Our location 06484)
Zone 1 - $50 (up to 10 miles from our location)


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